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The £1m Question

I well remember a conversation I had with colleagues, over coffee, more than a decade ago, now. In the middle of the hubbub a question was posed. You know, one of those questions that hangs in the air for what seems like an age while the brain goes into overdrive in pursuit of a watertight answer.

“Who would consider early retirement if the opportunity presented itself?”
It was me who popped the collective thought bubble. While others were stroking their chins and imagining a life without work, my instant response was simply, “I would.”
Others weren’t so sure. No doubt they all had their own personal reasons for being apprehensive or non-commital. They never actually said. The talk just segued from the prospect of not working, to something work-related.
Eighteen months later, all employees received an email, with an open invitation for interested parties to discuss voluntary redundancy.
Before I scorched the carpet en route to my head of department, I spent around half a week communi…

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