Ideas at Dawn and Elba Rising

I’m always awake somewhere between 04:00 and 05:00. It’s not a new thing. I’m just more lark than owl. But at what some would call an ungodly hour is when my head is full of ideas. After midday my batteries start to run down. Post lunch meetings at work were a nightmare, especially if the room wasn’t well ventilated. I actually dropped off in front of my line manager once, when she was sat right next to me, demonstrating some software or other. I remember waking with a start, and quickly checking I hadn’t dribbled down my shirt. I hadn’t. Good. That meant I had probably only closed my eyes for a few seconds. She was staring at me with great surprise in her expression. I quickly closed my eyes once more and pretended I had a pertinent question to ask, but couldn’t for the life of me bring it to mind in that moment. I was fooling no one. Although she indulged me, being the kind natured person she was.

But back to early risings and the ideas that often accompany them. Oh, I haven’t got time to list them all here; and besides, I’m feeling a bit tired.

So here’s a manipulated image of Idris Elba, emerging from, or vanishing into, our favourite duvet cover.


  1. Now that sounds more like my daughter's idea of a dream. She's an insomniac, but Idris Elba emerging from her duvet cover? Well!

    1. Well, he does seem to be everywhere, these days.