Revival and Submissions

I've neglected my post, or posts, even. The reason? I've been relaunching Poetry24, a blog that publishes news-related poems from across the globe.

A little over 18 months ago the blog was put to bed. But as one of the two original co-founders, I found I still had an itch to scratch. So last Wednesday I gave the blog a gentle shake, and teased it to its feet.

After a few uncertain steps, Poetry24 was up and walking at speed, if not exactly running. By the weekend, I was receiving submissions from all over the world. As one poet put it, "...the world seems to be writing its own twisted poetry, at the moment..."

If it's your thing, do feel free to wander over and see what's happening. You can get there by clicking the image, below.


  1. What a fabulous site: I shall visit often.

    1. John, thanks. After being dormant for so long, I feared the site might be beyond rescue. But I've been heartened by the level of support and interest, not to mention the number of submissions. Yes, do pop over and see what's going on. Something new each day, at 08:00.